On December 7th, 2016, Sinopec Green Energy (SGE) held its 10th Anniversary Seminar in Xianyang to celebrate the achievements of the company. The seminar, which was presided over by General Manager Mr. Zhang Zhaoping of Sinopec Star, that reviewed ten years’ achievements first, analyzed international geothermal development trends and discussed other channels for further expanding Sino- Icelandic geothermal cooperation. Former Icelandic President Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson was present at the seminar and delivered a keynote speech. Mr. Grimsson emphazied the importance of geothermal as the most potent weapon in the global fight against air pollution and greenhouse emissions. Other distinguished guests where Icelandic Ambassador to China Mr. Stefan Skjaldarson, Senior Vice President of Sinopec Group Mr. Wang Zhigang, Deputy Mayor of Xianyang Mr. Cheng Jianguo, Former President of Sinopec Group Mr. Cao Yaofeng, Deputy General Manager and Chairman of SGE Mr. Liu Shiliang as well as CEO Mr. Sigsteinn Gretarsson of Arctic Green Energy.

SGE Chairman Liu Shiliang reviewed SGEG’s ten year achievements. During this period SGEG heating capacity has reached 28 million m2, it has solved many technical problems and obtained technical patents. Creating numerous smoke free cities that have brought warmth to hundreds of thousands of households. The company has accumulatively replaced 2.1 million tons of standard coal, reduced over 5.5 million tons of CO² and made positive contributions to the improvement of people’s life. During the next five years SGE will develop 60 million m2 heating capacity and endeavor to be a first-class clean energy company.