On February 20th, 2017, SGE signed geothermal cooperation agreement with Xingning Construction and Investment Group of Ninghe District, Tianjin Municipality. Ninghe District, located in northeast part of Tianjin, is part of the key economic circle around Bohai Sea and has been incorporated into East Coastal Development Zone. The District covers an area of 1,296 km2, accounting for 1/10 the size of Tianjin. The population of the area is over 500,000 people. Ninghe District has abundant geothermal resources from an area that covers 8,700 km, south of Ninghe-Baodi Fault Zone. The rich geothermal reserve combined with rapid economic growth build a solid foundation for development in the area.

The agreement  gives a strong platform for the future cooperation between SGE and Xingning Group and the opportunity to utilize modern green energy technology to benefit the whole economy. According to the agreement, the parties will cooperate on geothermal resource exploration and development as well as heating and cooling services through joint investment, construction, operation, management and equipment maintenance. This cooperation will promote a clean heating process in Tianjin and make active contributions to local ecological and economic development.