Arctic Green Energy participated in the 22nd Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of Kazanenergy Association

The topic of the 22nd meeting was “Development prospects and potential of geothermal energy in the Republic of Kazakhstan”

Kazakhstan is on a course to explore the potential of alternative energy sources like geothermal.  Preliminary studies show that the country has promising resources to tap into for heating and even electricity generation.

Dr. Pall Valdimarsson the Senior Advisor of Research and Development at Arctic Green Energy participated in the event and spoke about “Modern geothermal research: in the global world and in China”  He said “It will be very interesting to participate in the development of geothermic energy utilization in Kazakhstan. I am absolutely convinced that Arctic Green Energy can make a large contribution to the supply of clean and environmentally friendly geothermal energy to the people of Kazakhstan, be it in harnessing low temperature resources for heating of buildings or higher temperature resources for production of electricity by Organic Rankine Cycle power plants”

Among participants in the meeting were representatives from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Agriculture, World Bank, Asian Development bank, UN and others.

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