Arctic Green Energy actively participated in the  Arctic Circle Forum in Shanghai May 10-11, 2019 themed under the title ”China and the Arctic”.  The Forum was hosted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People´s Republic of China.

The aim of the forum was to hold significant discussions on China‘s involvement in the Arctic through the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as a dialogue on science, investment, transport, renewable energy, and Arctic governance.

Arctic Green Energy Founder and Chairman Mr. Haukur Hardarson, gave a speech at the forum under the title ”Breathing Cities – The cost of Air Pollution”,  and how we could use geothermal to take down the smog spewing chimneys from burning fossil fuel. Ms Caixia Sun (Susan), CTO of Arctic Green Energy gave also a speech under the title ”Icelandic geothermal inspiration and Sino-Icelandic geothermal cooperation” while our CFO Ms.  Charlotte Zhao acted as a moderator for the plenary session Breathing Cities – Arctic Future.

About 500 diplomats, officials,  scholars, and entrepreneurs from countries and regions including China, Iceland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Norway, EU participated in the Forum.