Mr. Haukur Hardarson, chairman and founder of Arctic Green Energy, gave a presentation at the international policy- and industry meetup “Experience Geothermal the Hague” in March 2022. His presentation “Lessons from Iceland and China in geothermal district heating” shows us just how powerful a tool Geothermal can be to decarbonize cities and how it can speed up the energy transition in Europe. Among key points from the presentation was the importance of using lower temperatures than currently are used for district heating and what steps policymakers in Europe could take to make geothermal more attractive as an investment option.

The Dutch Government hosted the event in collaboration with its strategic partners, The Hague Business Agency, International Geothermal Associations, Impact City, and EBN. This hybrid event aimed to connect industry leaders in the geothermal industry from different countries with the policymakers to have an open discussion about geothermal opportunities.