Singapore, 30. September 2022 – Eiríkur Bragason has joined Arctic Green Energy as COO and will oversee new projects focusing on geothermal power and heat in Europe.

Previously, Mr. Bragason was the CEO of KS ORKA Renewables in Singapore, the owner and developer of geothermal projects in Sorik Marapi and Sokoria in Indonesia and other renewable projects in Europe.  Prior to that, Mr Bragason was CEO of ORKA Energy Singapore, now Arctic Green Energy, and worked on the development of geothermal district heating in China and geothermal developments in the Philippines. He was also previously the onsite engineer for the expansion of the Nesjavellir geothermal power plant and several other geothermal projects in Asia and Europe.

Eiríkur Bragason is an engineer with Dipl.-Ing. from TU Berlin specializing in plant and project management, and business management.

“We are very happy to have Mr. Bragason joining the firm again, now to lead development of new Arctic Green projects with focus on Europe” says Haukur Harðarson, founder and chairman of Arctic Green Energy.


About Arctic Green Energy

Arctic Green Energy ( is a leading renewable energy company specialising in the various applications of geothermal energy, from district heating and cooling to power generation. The company is also expanding into co-generation with other renewable energy sources and has established university level programs to train new generations of geothermal experts. Based in Singapore and with operations in China and Europe, Arctic Green Energy has its roots in the well-established geothermal sector in Iceland and maintains a knowledge centre there.


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Sigurdur Atli Jonsson, CEO Arctic Green Energy