Arctic Green will participate in the Arctic Circle Assembly 2022 that will take place in Reykjavik from 13-16 October 2022. The chairman and founder of Arctic Green Mr Haukur Hardarson, will be a speaker at the Assembly under the Plenary Session: Global Renewable Energy Transformation: Urban Solutions For the Climate. The joint speaker at the session will be Mr Erik Knive, Investment Director at Aker Horizons, a leading Norwegian industrial investment group that focuses on building companies that reduce CO2 emissions.

The chair will be hosted by H.E. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, the Arctic Circle Chairman and President of Iceland from 1996-2016.

The Assembly features 600+ speakers in over 200 sessions from nearly 70 countries. There will be over 2000 attendees where Arctic issues, climate change, clean energy, and blue economy among other topics will take place during the Assembly.

The Plenary Session will take place on October 15th, from 15:10 – 15:45