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Experience Geothermal  | The Hague 

Presentation given by Mr. Haukur Hardarson in March 2022 at the Experience Geothermal event in Hague.  Haukur gives insight into our geothermal business in China and shares his views on what Europe can do to make geothermal more attractive as an investment option to speed up the energy transition.

Transformative Power Of Geothermal – Haukur Hardarson

Mr. Haukur Hardarson, Chairman and founder of Arctic Green Energy gave a speech at the Arctic Circle held in China in May 2019

Fighting Air Pollution

Video demonstrating the negative effects of burning fossil fuels has on the environment and your health and the benefits of switching over to geothermal

What Can We Do 

Short movie about the energy transition in Iceland from burning coal and oil to using geothermal to heat up houses

Corporate Video

Arctic Green has published a video demonstrating the success of SGE and it’s fight against global warming.

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